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Canada Revenue Agency is encouraging us all to...do it online

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is encouraging all of us to...do it all online.  The push to go digital is so great that in the next few years those who still file their income taxes manually (and you know who you are) will soon find yourselves with no other option but to file online yourself, or pay a tax-preparer to file for you.   You've officially been warned...


The CRA has a great online tool called MY ACCOUNT.  Don't have yourself set up yet?  I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but just do it.


MY ACCOUNT access provides you with the ability to track your income tax refunds, view or change your tax returns, check on the status of your CPP or OAS benefits, as well as view your RRSP limits and TFSA room all with one login.   This tools gives you full access to your tax and benefit affairs. 


Check out this video on How to register for My Account and get started.


This has been my community service announcement for the week!

Call 1-877-676-6686