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International Women's Day is March 8th!

Did you know: 

WOMEN are the primary decision makers: More than 50% make all or most of the household's investment & financial decisions
Source: Fidelity Retirement Survey 2015


I attribute my kick-a**, no nonsense, take care of business, get-it-done attitude to my mother.

Growing up I saw my mother work outside of the home which was in sharp contrast to many of my friend's own households.  I may even have been secretly envious of those friends who had stay-at-home moms, because it meant that their moms were able to volunteer on every school trip. Little did I know at the time that those friends weren't so thrilled at having their moms on those trips.


Having two parents who worked outside of the home didn’t mean I was alone however - I had a strong kick-a** grandmother who kept my brother and I in-line while the 'Cat' was away.   If you're keeping count, that would now be TWO strong women in my life growing up. 


Both my mother and grandmother ran that household - no disrespect to my father or grandfather of course who also both had very important roles in our family.  This BLOG isn't about them however, it's International Women's Day!   The women in our house ran the finances.  They paid the bills and balanced the books.  They took care of the household's savings and investments.  So they definitely make up part of the statistics that say that 50% of the women in their households are the primary financial decision-makers. 


It never occurred to me growing up however that this wasn’t the norm in every household.  That’s why I think I’m still surprised when meeting with clients where the female isn’t involved in some way in making the household’s financial decisions.  Instead of ignoring them however, I make a point of addressing them and making them a part of our meetings.  After all, these women (if other stats are to be believed) will be widows one day - they will outlive their spouses and eventually inherit the role of financial decision-makers.


Why do I think it’s important that women get involved in the financial decisions in their households?  Because, thanks to the strong women I’ve had in my life, I believe that if my immigrant mother and grandmother could do it, so could they.


Happy International Women’s Day!



Kelly Fagundes is a Senior Financial Advisor and Branch Manager at Manulife Securities Incorporated and can be reached at

(416) 259-8222 or via email at kelly.fagundes@manulifesecurities.ca

Call 1-877-676-6686