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We take a big picture look at your retirement, tax and estate planning needs, while also addressing asset management (investments), risk management (insurance) and financial management (budgeting & debt management) needs.  Most importantly, financial planning also looks at how it all fits together.

.....Financial Planning as defined by the Financial Planning Standards Council  FPSC

Retirement Planning

Asset Management

Financial Management

  • Financial Planning
  • Mortgages (on a referral basis)
  • Lines of Credit
  • Investment Loans
  • High Interest Savings Accounts

Estate Planning

Investment Choices

  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Segregated Funds (insurance)
  • GICs
  • ETFs
  • Flow-through Shares
  • High Interest Savings Accounts
  • High Networth Solutions
  • Seperately Managed Accounts SMA's (on a referral basis)

Tax Planning

  • Personal, Business & Estate Tax Planning
  • Systematic evaluation of finances and investments
  • Efficient income strategies
  • Professional referrals

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