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Let us work with you as


We want to be your Wealth Partners

As Financial Advisors we work closely with our clients, by learning what's important to them and their families, and then working together to build a financial plan to assist in getting them there.   




With over 20+ years of experience working with individuals, families and corporations across the country, we care about our clients and their financial futures just as much as they do.  We offer an unbiased approach to all of the important financial decisions that impact them at every stage of their lives.  

Navigating the world of finance with an Independent Financial Advisor offers you peace of mind whether you're dealing with your retirement planning, your pension benefit options, various investment opportunities or simply planning for your child's educational funding. 

Let us work with you as your Wealth Partner!

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Our Practice

Together we are stronger...

We have always surrounded ourselves with a strong team. You will not meet a more eager group of professionals who will always do what is in the best interests of their clients. This is our 'work family'!

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

We have been working with small business owners and families like yours from the greater Toronto area for over 20 years - successfully helping them accumulate and manage their wealth. We have built up our practice through our involvement in our communities and various financial planning seminars conducted at our local school boards. We are also very humbled when our clients choose to refer and share us with their families and friends.

How do we do this?

How do we do this?

We work closely with our clients to ensure they can reach their financial goals. The initial consultation process proves vital to being able to understand what's important to each individual so that together we can create and manage a Financial Plan that is achievable. Ongoing reviews also play an important part in ensuring our clients stay engaged and in control of their financial futures.

Why do we do it?

Why do we do it?

Our clients need us, that's why! We help small business owners and clients strategize and get them through all of life's financial milestones. Whether it's selling a business, planning for retirement, saving for a child's education, or finding ways to protect your assets - we will become your family's primary advisors, becoming your go-to for advice on any financial decisions facing your family or businesses.

Our Services & Solutions

Providing the value of advice

Markets are continually changing and understanding how or if it affects you can be overwhelming. That’s why the value of financial advice is more important now than ever before. We aim to help simplify your goals, giving you added confidence in your financial decisions – now and in the future.

"We take a big picture look at your retirement, tax and estate planning needs, while also addressing asset management (investments), risk management (insurance) and financial management (budgeting & debt management) needs.  Most importantly, financial planning also looks at how it all fits together."

.....Financial Planning as defined by the Financial Planning Standards Council  FPSC

Estate & Financial Planning

Take steps to protect, save and grow your wealth...

Estate & Financial Planning

Take steps to protect, save and grow your wealth. You’ve worked hard to build significant assets for yourself and your family — assets you want to protect, grow and pass on. We can help you:

  • Manage your banking and investments with personalized services tailored to your needs
  • Take an integrated approach with teams of financial planning, tax, estate, accounting and legal experts working for you
  • Develop and implement wealth management strategies based on your goals

Insurance Solutions

Help protect your financial security...

Insurance Solutions

Help protect your financial security, provide for your loved ones, and save money on routine, emergency and travel health expenses. 

With the right Insurance solutions, you can protect the people you care about most with easy-to-understand insurance options that offer peace of mind and put precious time back where it belongs – in your hands.  We can provide educated advice and expertise in:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

Investment Solutions

Whether saving for retirement or a child’s education...

Investment Solutions

Whether saving for retirement or a child’s education, portfolio investing or planning your estate, we provide investment products for Canadians to cover all stages of life.  We can help you:

  • Meet your personal wealth and business needs with comprehensive and integrated investment services
  • Support your wealth goals holistically through partnerships with key banking, private wealth and advisory services
  • Save, invest and grow your wealth with strategies based on your priorities now and as they change over time

Group Solutions

Find a simple, cost effective and tax efficient plan...

Group Solutions

Find a simple, cost effective and tax efficient plan based on the size of your business and your plan members’ needs.  Stay competitive as an employer and keep your plan members engaged by helping manage their health and wellness.

  • Group Benefits
  • Group Retirement
  • Group Pension

Goals-Based Investing for Retirement

Goals-Based Investing focuses on helping you meet your income goals...

Goals-Based Investing for Retirement

Goals-Based Investing focuses on helping you meet your income goals, not about performing against a stock market.

  • Driven by advanced analytics that illustrate what your retirement spending needs could look like in the future
  • Designed to provide you with a higher degree of confidence in the projected minimum income it pays out, and the potential  to grow your future income stream

Finally, a way to look forward to retirement with optimism? Now, that’s different. Contact us today to learn more.

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